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Then and Now: Moving Homes in Corona

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In the true sense of ?green? building, Corona has a long and successful history of relocating structures so that they can be reused and appreciated by later citizens of Corona.? The top photo on the attached flyer shows how home?re-locations?were done in the early days. Corona?s first Santa Fe Depot is seen in the background behind the house and family members that are being towed by a team of horses.

?A Brief History of Relocated Structures

We know that the building now located at 507 Vicentia (Settlement House) [MAP] was relocated three times.? It was built on the original Lincoln School campus at Tenth and Victoria; then moved to Corona?s first High School in the 1200 block of Main Street [MAP]; then to the original Washington School at Second Street and West Grand Boulevard[MAP], where it served as a Kindergarten classroom; and ultimately adjacent to Corona?s Second High School where it was used as the band room. This same building was later became the Police Department storage room for evidence, and currently it serves as the Settlement House at 507 Vicentia Avenue [MAP].? We know that the very earliest structure used by the First Congregational Church was relocated to a spot on the north side of East Sixth Street.

Among the homes known to have been moved are:? Captain Gully?s home on Sixth Street near Victoria was moved to the east side of Main Street at Francis. Dr. Huff?s home on the northwest corner of Washburn at Sixth Street was relocated to the northeast corner of Merrill and Seventh Street [MAP].? More recently, Harmony Antiques (the former Frazer-Dixon residence) once found at 916 W. Sixth Street [MAP], took a short trip around the Circle and found a new home on the East side of Grand Blvd. near Fullerton.? The Call Ranch House was relocated from the west side of California Avenue near Ontario to Corona Heritage Park.? The home of early Corona volunteer firefighter Joseph Brumbaugh was relocated from the south side of Seventh Street near Sheridan and?re-purposed?as a guest house at the rear of another historic property located at 1052 East Grand [MAP]. A historic Victorian ranch house once found amid citrus groves at 2342 Gilbert [MAP], was cut into four sections to be moved and then relocated and reassembled on a lot near Lake Mathews.

In the past, many of Corona?s historic old buildings have met the wrecking ball. ?If uprooted and relocated, these mementos from the past might have been preserved and maintained so that their craftsmanship might still be honored today.

Two homes are in dire need of being moved so that the Corona Regional Medical Center, which is very important to our community, might be able to complete a desired update and expansion. Corona Historic Preservation Society members hope that the buildings that need to be moved will have similar happy landings as those mentioned above.

If you or anyone you know might be interested in this opportunity, please contact Jeff Tupper whose contact information is listed on the flyer.


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