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cheng mei5s1g7AG posted an update: Undergraduate student at theTongji University computer special field ,after graduation, was admitted to the Shanghai [...]

Undergraduate student at theTongji University computer special field ,after graduation, was admitted to the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of public security criminal investigation division ,then went to the Fudan University in 3 years of graduate study ,Chen Minhao of 32 years old this experience is everything is going smoothly.
,others envy .But Chen Minhao was not content to be a common criminal ,he used his spare time in Taobao from the shop ,sell so-called original and high imitation of the international top brand products ,sales and earning millions .
Later, Chen Minhao resigned from the police duties ,to expand the scale of concentrate on business shop .From 2009 October to 12 at the beginning of last year ,Chen Minhao through the 3 Taobao shop, selling fake 124 registered trademarks of goods more than 3.
6 pieces ,sales amount is 1174 yuan ,,the illegal income more than 4000000 .Due to major case, the case as the State Council special office listing key handling of the case ,as the State Administration for Industry and Commerce announced in 2010 to investigate the crackdown ten big typical case of song .
Yesterday afternoon, the Jiangyin Court on the case to make a pronouncement .- correspondent Wang Xinda Ju Minxiao express reporter Zhang Yu case playback for 8 years when the police resigned to open Chen Minhao of 32 years old is Hunan Shaoyang person ,in his mother ,Chen Minhao grew up way .
When the college entrance examination ,Chen Minhao entered the Shanghai Tongji University computer special field with high scores .In 2002, after graduating from Chen Minhao directly participated in the civil service exam ,successfully entered the Shanghai City Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Corps ,louboutin pas cher,became a police .
Later ,Chen Minhao in Shanghai to get married ,the use of spare time he went to the Fudan University graduate students ,to study computer science .Chen Minhao spent 8 years as a detective, a few thousand dollars a month salary ,Louboutin Pas Cher,but he felt less ,especially in 2008 after the birth of his son ,he wants to earn lots of money ,,to family members to create a more superior living environment .
In 2009 February,Louboutin, Chen Minhao spotted the prospects for the development of electronic commerce ,and Taobao registered a company called Shanghai style Mingshi Pavilion shop .He initially considered in the online selling cosmetics ,but later found selling cosmetics to be inferior to selling counterfeit well-known international brand apparel profit is high ,then a few months later, he turned to sell counterfeit .
Chen Minhao shop selling counterfeit well-known international brands in particular, such as LV ,Gucci ,Armani ,Burberry ,prada Versace ,international brand of a gleam of .Subsequently, Chen Minhao registered the Rice flagship store Roselle brand original single two shop .
In 2010 August, Chen Minhao decided to resign ,from a police become net sellers .Just over a year ,earning has risen to the million for the expansion of the scale ,Chen Minhao in Shanghai to a small rented a villa ,as his place of business and warehouse .
As early as in 2009 September, he was purchased on Taobao shop steward program ,through friends and relations ,with Shanghai one network company name for the unlicensed Shanghai style Mingshi Pavilion staff ,according to the division of labor established the creative department stores department ,marketing department ,customer service ,customer service ,warehouse 5 departments ,began to shop scale operation ,,staff up to a maximum of 38 people .
The boss Chen Minhao in addition to the management of departments ,mainly supply links .He shop sales anonym card came from Guangzhou ,Shenzhen ,Hangzhou and other clothing wholesale market ,after the purchase, warehouse management will number sorting ,and in Taobao shop steward in the inventory management to enter the relevant information ,customers through Alipay payment or bank transfer ,delivery personnel will place an order via express delivery .
Chen Minhao never revealing to employee purchase channels and real goods sources ,saying only that from manufacturers to take over single .Chen Minhao discovers ,in Taobao shop does not require marketing authorization certificate ,he sold a fake brand has not been taobao.
com warned or take other measures .Chen Minhao selling fake degree is very high ,louboutin, the original goods to attract a large number of buyers .In general ,his price is authentic from 1 to 80 percent off ,every item in the hundreds to thousands of dollars .
According to Chen Minhao said ,he sells products in the most expensive is four thousand or five thousand yuan ,cheap is tens of dollars ,Louboutin, and even a few cents ,a few dollars things are .
In 2009 September, Chen Minhao the first monthly income is 100000 yuan ,and after a year, his monthly income has soared to about 1000000 yuan ,the business of the fire makes himself very surprised .
In November last year, Chen Minhao intends to Shanghai style Mingshi Pavilion produced from the sale of goods ,and has started the preparatory work ,such as looking for designers and clothing factory on its own brand design and production ,look at his career very influential ,Chen Minhao resigned to go completely is the right choice .
A counterfeit coat pull-out black dens in September last year, Chen Minhao in Shanghai rental villa has not put the goods ,and he found Shanghai to combat the sale of fake and shoddy goods situation is becoming increasingly severe ,and so decided to transfer warehouse .
At this time, when Chen Minhao heard the Jiangyin countryside has many factories ,local big concealment ,and the logistics cost is much lower than those in Shanghai ,he easily make the warehouse moved to Jiangyin .
At the same time ,Chen Minhao Wu Li, 9 staff to Jiangyin ,the staff is mainly responsible for receiving inspection of goods, online communication with clients ,packaging and delivery work, a monthly salary of 2000 yuan to 5000 yuan range .
One day in November last year ,Jiangyin resident Mr. Zhang in Chen Minhao Shanghai style Mingshi Pavilion picked up a Burberry coat ,mark a price 1700 yuan ,while the coat store price is on 10 thousand yuan .
After the purchase to find clothes quality and no shop claims as good ,he told the shop representations hope replacement, but the other side says not to change ,Mr. Zhang is in a rage, to Jiangyin industry and Commerce Bureau made a complaint .
Upon receipt of the report ,the Jiangyin industrial and Commercial Bureau launched an immediate investigation ,Chen Minhao is located in Jiangyin the trade and Industry Bureau and the public security organ for the joint warehouse undertook investigating ,captured 9 staff ,more than 1 pieces of seized counterfeit well-known international brand clothing shoes and hats luggage ,the value of up to 5000 yuan, of which 3 work composition of crime .
That accident, Chen Minhao fled to Hunan,, Changsha ,and then went to Guizhou province Xingyi city .In February 26th of this year, Jiangyin police in an Internet cafe in Guizhou will be by Chen Minhao .
The trial scene that the prosecutor subjective malicious seriously this year in May 18th, Chen Minhao were arrested for selling commodities bearing counterfeit registered trademarks of sin ,by the Jiangyin Procuratorate of public prosecution .
Two twenty yesterday afternoon ,the case in the Jiangyin court first trial court ,apart from central ,local reporter of many 20 media ,and from the number of deputies to the NPC ,CPPCC members ,as well as more than ordinary citizens participated audit .
Dressed in jumpsuits Chen Minhao mental state ,and he is different, the three people such as Wu Li therefore was released on bail ,to appear in court when Wu Li mouth smile .The public prosecutor four defendants alleged crimes of selling ,and Chen Minhao in the crime is the culprit, the other three accused of accomplice .
As a result of the four defendants pleaded guilty in court ,so the court has no objection to the facts of the crime accused criminal cases take simplified trial procedure way .The facts of the crime accused for the prosecution ,Chen Minhao and defender have no objection, his counsel for the defence made the light .
He thinks Chen Minhao crime subjective vicious nature is not too bad ,because of their fake the awareness about the existence of a process . In November last year, he deleted brand area ,not in the propaganda of original and saying ,let the staff will own brand label live raw brand trademark .
But prosecutors say however, Chen Minhao crime actually reflects the subjective intentions, so there is no subjective malware without serious problems .In addition ,the defenders also pointed out ,Chen Minhao in the sales process mostly include the postage manner ,he thinks the illegal income shall be deducted .
But the prosecution was pointed out ,wrap the postage is actually selling deliberately raise the price ,this is only in the long run .The proposed sentencing proposal is suggested ,sentenced Chen Minhao to 4 to 6 years imprisonment ,fined ,suggest other defendants penalty is low ,can be applied to probation .
Criminal was sentenced to 5 years probation ,3 accessory by four twenty yesterday afternoon ,judges adjourned .15 minutes later ,the judge declared a new trial ,the court finally finds the defendant Chen Minhao using three shop, selling fake 124 registered trademarks of commodities sales of more than 3.
6 ,total amount of RMB 1174 yuan ,the illegal income of RMB 410 yuan .Of which second ,third defendants involved in sales totaling RMB 786 yuan .On December 8, 2010, Chen Minhao of the accused person in Jiangyin warehouse involved in counterfeiting registered trademarks of the 62 ,16195 pieces of counterfeit trademark goods were seized, the value of the amount of total RMB 315 yuan .
The opinion of the court ,the four defendants behavior constituted the crime of selling commodities bearing counterfeit registered trademarks ,Chen Minhao in the crime Department of principal ,was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment ,and fined 5000000 ,three other defendants were part of an accessory ,attempted crime ,to confess to a crime and voluntary confession ,lighten the punishment and declared probation .
Reporter notes ,in the judge read the verdict in the process, Chen Minhao was 61 years old mother in the gallery has been gently weeps ,yesterday she came from Hunan Shaoyang home to Jiangyin, attend his son case in .
Closed chamber ,the mother of Chen Minhao an interview with reporters, said his son was a pity . life is everything is going smoothly. Now ,which thought suddenly from the earth into hell ! Chen Minhao said, wiping tears ,Chen Minhao is their only child ,after graduating from university in Shanghai marry and settle down .
I the great grandson of two years and eight months ,also do not know anything, daughter-in-law belly and a ,soon gave birth to . She said , today is children ,but the little grandson does not have law and father together .
Chen Minhao mother has been wiped tears, she said very distressed ,his body is not good ,Christian Louboutin shoes,never thought that son would go today such degree .Case behind the prisoner ,strange supervision whether the appeal court ,Chen Minhao did not give feedback .
But in the trial ,he also repeatedly proposed related responsibility ,think oneself on the net set up shop as well as the world brand selling counterfeit goods, does not review it ,and he had to pay a certain taobao.
com advertising costs .Chen Minhao defenders in the defense opinion also mentioned this point : site management existence of supervision situation ,Chen Minhao opened the three store did not handle the relevant formalities, taobao.
com didn shop issued a business license . Attorneys said ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,the people in the online sale of counterfeit ,website did not try to examine obligation . I think in China such big environment ,many online books ,movies are all violations of intellectual property rights ,in a sense,Louboutin Pas Cher, this is a kind of collective unconsciousness .
Chen Minhao says on the court ,he served as a police officer ,now a prisoner from ordinary citizens ,mainly relating to the protection of intellectual property rights legal sense .In the final statement ,Chen Minhao said : I like this situation meet the eye everywhere ,and I think this is the relevant departments on the shopping site supervision has the very big relations .
He thinks ,if to shop sellers especially harsh words ,he will not come today .After the trial, the presiding judge, Zhang Zhenxing expresses when accepting a reporter to interview ,from Chen Minhao case can be seen clearly ,network and also lacks the powerful measures for supervision ,to shopping website norms ,legal or blank .
We suggest may refer to the entity shop specification ,each store to register ,a registered capital, to obtain the operating license . Zhang Faguan said ,at present the only morally review Taobao practices ,but no law explicitly taobao.
com in this case and the legal liability .And with the relevant departments of the infringement of intellectual property rights and the manufacture and sale of fake and shoddy goods blow strength increases ,more and more similar cases .
He said : this case concluded ,we will the court through the judicial proposal form ,on problems ,regulatory and other recommendations ,hope website deadline for rectification ,and asked them to make written reply .

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