Monday, September 17, 2012

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By: Ashley Evans


??????????????? Certain companies make certain types of cars; Lamborghini makes Supercars, BMW makes ?fast luxurious cars, and Hummer (well until their extinction) made SUVs. But now it seems, the SUV brand has gotten companies that you would think would never touch the genre involved. Bentley, Aston Martin and now even Lamborghini have all joined in to show their interest in the SUV market.

??????????????? So the question is why? And will in even work? When I say will it even ?work? I mean companies like Land Rover and Toyota have been making SUVs for quite some time, therefore they are very good at making them. Reliability, toughness, and unlike the BMW X6 as shown on Top Gear able to go up a 20 degree incline. I feel that the term SUV at the present has turned into a fashion statement. Lamborghini and SUV do not mix, it is a simple fact. What Lamborghini should do is keep doing the thing that they are best at, making glamorous 200mph+ supercars that will forever be posted upon a car lover?s wall.?


??????????????? And Bentley has done the same exact thing with their SUV that was debuted at the 2012 Geneva Auto Show. In my eyes there are a few things wrong with it, starting with the name. It?s called the EXP 9 F, just try to imagine some bloke taking his wife home from a dinner party ?Come on darling; let?s take the EXP 9 F home.? Sounds more like some type of weapon out of Star Wars then a Luxury SUV. The looks bring it down too; the critiques of the car seem to be bang on with what I think about it, hideous. And it is only able to sit 4 people! Yet another pointless fashion statement, give it a few months and I am sure every rapper will have one.

??????????????? SUVs seem like a dying genre because of all the new Eco Plug-in cars that have surfaced there is no way that they will be able to keep up with the emissions. Extinction of the SUV brands may come sooner than we think. With a reported 600 horsepower the EXP 9 F will be fast, but it seems like what it is doing is just further digging a hole for itself and those following. The only hope is to make more economical SUVs that will not hurt Mother Nature too much. And let me tell you now, 600 horsepower out of a W12 is not helping the cause, Bentley!

??????????????? As much as it hurts me to say, this is how the Automotive world is now a days. The cars are becoming less powerful and crazy, and even Lamborghini?s cars becoming more refined. Okay that was one step too far. But with this Eco world we live in today it is hard to see how the SUVs and V12 Hypercars will make it through this ?Green? period. It seems like the kids of today will have the job of making sure that none of them disappear. No pressure.


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