Friday, January 18, 2013

Android Game Review ? Gravity Sheep

Overflow Studio aka Florent Valdelievre released the brainteasing physics game ?Gravity Sheep?, which features a little sheep, who hunts for mushrooms in a roundabout way. The game comes along with easy gameplay mechanics, as you draw all kinds of shapes, which transform into in-game objects and lead the sheep towards its destination. But the targeted mushrooms are not placed in easily accessible locations, so you have to create bridges, stairs or even catapults for the sheep to reach them.

It does deliver long-term motivation through the fact that the levels seem easy, while actually requires some effort and make you really want to solve the objective. This is supported by the simple but effective controls.

Sadly the game feels a little unfinished due to the lovely but lazy animation and level-design. Another big flaw is the complete lack of sounds, which also affects the whole atmosphere of the game negatively. Plus, the scope is a little critical with just 15 level in one world in the free and only two more worlds in the paid version.

All in all ?Gravity Sheep? has a great potential to be an addictive game, which swallows a lot of time. The only big flaw is the missing background music and sounds. With a little catchy tune and some cute sound effects the whole game would be even more enjoyable. Therefore 16 Points for ?Gravity Sheep?!

Reviewed by Jakub Kuspiel


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