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What Are The Herbs Required For The Treatment Of Hypertension ...

Ayurveda describes many herbs required for the treatment of hypertension, some can work singlehandedly while some need other herbs to provide complete cure. Some of the powerful herbs which are required for the treatment of hypertension are Arjuna, Ashwagandha, Shankhpushpi, Shilajit and Brahmi, apart from these there are several other herbs which possess properties helpful for a person suffering with hypertension. Arjuna herb possesses powerful and varied properties to work as magical medicine for treating hypertension.

This herb is excellent heart protector and rejuvenator, it supplements anti-oxidants, reverse hardening tendency of blood vessels, prevent clotting of blood, effective diuretic and improves respiratory system, this herb is very effective in preventing congestive heart failure, provides healthy lipid profile and suppress growth of LDL in the blood. This herb also reduces nervousness, giddiness, stress, insomnia, lassitude, occipital headache and poor concentration tendencies. Due to its immense properties Arjuna herb is required for the treatment of hypertension in every herbal medicine.

Ashwagandha is excellent supplement for heart muscles and to improve circulatory flow. It is very effective against problems like vertigo, depression, anxiety and other mental disorders. It is very effective nervine tonic and possesses strong anxiolytic properties. Shankhpushpi and Brahmi are excellent stress busters and improve brain functions, these cure mental stress and fatigue and also improve memory and mental clarity. Shilajit is excellent energy booster, nervine tonic, protects heart health and improve blood flow all over the body. Combination of these herbs is required for the treatment of hypertension.

You can get all these herbs and many more in Stresx capsules, each capsules contains all the benefits of powerful and time-tested herbs and also other herbs like Ganjwan, Aam, Chotachand, Jyotishmati, Vacha, Jadwar, Safed musli, Tuj, Champa, Elaychi choti, Gul chandni, Kahu, Moti bhasma, Ajwain khurasani and Kesar. With collective effect of all these herbs person can not only alleviate hypertension but keep it under control in future too. These herbs protect organs from the ill-effect of hypertension and cure damages caused by it in the past. By consuming regular dose of Stresx you get benefits of all the herbs required for the treatment of hypertension.

Stresx capsules improve health of heart muscles and cure problems like rapid heart rate or irregular heart beats. These capsules remove plaque deposition, clot formation and also maintain healthy lipid profile by lowering LDL and raising HDL to keep arteries clear of blockages. These capsules are highly effective for thinning blood and preventing platelet aggregation. These capsules maintain kidney functions, provide nutrition to the body and also support all the systems of the body for higher energy levels. Psychological problems are one of the commonly found reasons of hypertension. People suffering with stress, anxiety or depression get episodes of rapid heart beats due to these problems. Rapid heart beat increase blood pressure in the body.

Over a period of time such people have rapid heart rate regularly and suffer with hypertension. The herbal ingredients of Stresx relieve stress, cure mental fatigue, prevent mental exhaustion, promote mental clarity and provide peaceful and relaxed mind. Stresx capsules contain all the herbs required for the treatment of hypertension hence provide natural and holistic cure to the problem. These capsules cast no side effects even after prolonged use and are safe for person of any age.

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